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If you’re on this page, you’re wondering about a few things. It could be uncertainty over a personal decision, indecision about a career choice, restless performance or feeling stuck at work or home. It could be your organization is in stress, seeking strategic clarity and improved performance, or questioning the relevance and viability of its mission and vision and the proper alignment of human and financial resources.

I am passionate about — and very, very good at — helping people and organizations to find their way. I’m not just a certified executive coach from one of the top executive coaching programs in the country. I am an entrepreneur/business owner, 20-year CEO and senior leader and attorney, and a husband, father and friend.

My niche is guiding individuals and organizations to figure important things out; the why, what and how that drive and sustain personal fulfillment and organizational success.

Specifically, I have personally led or consulted with organizations to:
— Merge and consolidate
— Prepare and execute strategic planning processes
— Build leadership teams and develop organizational talent
— Identify and correct programmatic, financial and human resource mis-alignment
— Change; governance, strategy, leadership, structure, systems and culture
— Solve employment, governance and non profit organizational legal issues

I have coached individuals to:
— Navigate professional and personal challenges, build resilience, self awareness and improve relationships
— Build and lead a team
— Identify and re-align personal and professional priorities

Life is about change and I can help your organization and your life — professional and personal — evolve. In the process, your organization will achieve strategic clarity and catalyze its activities, and you’ll discover a better and more fulfilled you (and so will the people around you).

Coaching services include:

  • Executive coaching;
  • Team building;
  • Life coaching;
  • Leadership development;
  • Conflict management and resolution;
  • Skill building.

Learn how to sustain resilience, develop an inspired vision for the road ahead, and focus on key areas of development that will further your possibilities in your work and life. 

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