In an Instant

In an Instant

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We live in the World of Instant. We want everything now. Not just fast. Now. Not just when it’s urgent or timely. Now.

We want it instantly – all the time.

The webpage loads too slowly (and by too slowly I mean not instantaneously!) and we refresh. A colleague’s reply to our email is not sent within seconds of receiving our email and we want to now what’s the delay. Time is of the essence; even my blog posts provide a time estimate for the reader.

We want what we want when we want it.

We function (how well?) in a state of constant demand for NOW.

To be sure, there is a time and place for Instant.

But if we are too accustomed to the World of Instant, will we still have the stamina and attention span for that which is not done in an instant? Can we think instantly? Can we lose weight instantly? And how will we manage relationships – building and nourishing them? Can we replenish ourselves instantly? Can we understand our emotions instantly? Are we missing important nuances and subtleties when we act instantly?

The pressure to act instantly is intense. Not only do I get it, I am it. But the fact is that while some decisions require immediacy, we often manufacture the need for immediacy where none exists (or at the very least, we over-state immediacy).

I have written often about the need to act – to overcome analysis-paralysis, process-and-consensus-run-amok. The answer, though, isn’t to be found in the realm of Instant. Speed isn’t to be confused with intelligence, creativity or reason.

The fact is, we humans sometimes need time. Time to think. Time to re-energize. Time to act. And just Time to be. Time is an essential ingredient in creating harmony, within you, with your relationships, and at home, work or school. Skimp at your own peril.

Think about how you relate to time and immediacy. Make time to breathe and to reflect. Make time to drink the water you know your body needs. Make time to smile with your lips instead of through an emoticon. Make time to be fully present,

Your internal clock will thank you.

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