Critics, Critics Everywhere

Critics, Critics Everywhere

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We all have them. Some are silent and passive. Some are vocal and active. They don’t like what you’re doing. They don’t like your team. They don’t like you. Or so it seems.

Accepting criticism is important to you and your organization. Why? Because sometimes mistakes are made, and what you don’t know you can’t fix. Sometimes the criticism is a reflection of misunderstanding, and you’ll want to provide clarity. Sometimes criticism is an aggressive form of disagreement, and you’ll want to know there’s resistance to your path and address it (and maybe even you’ll find that the criticism makes your path smoother!).

This is not how to handle a chronic critic. I’ll cover that in later blog. And it’s certainly not to suggest criticism – whatever the source – that is disrespectful or discourteous is ever acceptable.

Criticism is a form of communication. It tests your listening abilities, humility, patience and your assumptions. Mishandled, criticism can spiral unproductively and unnecessarily challenge your leadership. Because not only is the critic watching, so are your colleagues, your team and your board.

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