Taking Action

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Sometimes it’s a simple matter of procrastination. Other times it’s research that forever yields more research or getting “all” the facts or talking to “all” of the people. Often it’s an unending sequencing of mutual dependencies, or circular and leaderless processes.

Each example yields the same outcome, which is to say nothing. No decision, no resolution, no action — no results.

I’ve learned the hard way that waiting for every piece to fall into place wastes time and energy, and causes frustration, doubt and undermines credibility. And besides, puzzles are solved well before the final pieces are in place.

There’s always another fact. But do you need all the facts? Or do you need the right facts in order to make a decision and take action? There’s always another person to ask. But did you ask the right people? Determine what facts you need and which people to ask. Get the facts, get your input and then take action.

From my consulting practice to my personal life, “Do What You Can Do When You Can Do It” has become an important mantra.

Don’t wait until the situation is ideal. It can always be more ideal. And it can never be absolutely ideal.

Do What You Can Do When You Can Do It.

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