Hudson Certified Executive Coach

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Steve has been coaching in the workplace for 20 years, building teams, mentoring colleagues, guiding professionals to reach the next level, and enriching organizational culture. Life is about change and Steve can help your life — professional and personal — evolve. In the process you’ll discover a better and more fulfilled you, and so will the people around you.

Coaching services include:

  • Executive coaching;
  • Team building;
  • Life coaching;
  • Leadership development;
  • Conflict management and resolution;
  • Skill building.

Learn how to sustain resilience, develop an inspired vision for the road ahead, and focus on key areas of development that will further your possibilities in your work and life. 

Individuals today manage immense amounts of ongoing change in all levels of their lives. The freewheeling forces of change cannot be contained or controlled the way they were a few decades ago. Unpredictable change penetrates directly into our lives, and we need to understand how to live and work creatively in a world of flow, which has more options but less predictability and overall safety than the linear world we once knew.

Today successful leaders need the capacity to manage themselves, consciously and continually grow their capacity and effectively operate from the inside out anchored in purpose, passion, vision, and staying power. You’ll learn to facilitate these qualities and instill them within the culture and work teams of the organization.

Our fundamental premise is that as Western societies evolved in the twentieth century from stable-state, linear, control-focused organizational forms toward change-state, cyclical, future-focused forms in the twenty-first century, both individuals and organizations require new competencies for managing long-term effectiveness in a world of ceaseless surprises and possibilities.

The Hudson approach focuses less on techniques and more on understanding how individuals change and grow over time. Within a context of understanding changes and the organizational and individual dynamics of change, the focus is on creating significant growth and individual development.

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