A seasoned and successful non-profit CEO, Steve has led organizations in strategic planning, focused and impactful program implementation, precision marketing and expanded and targeted financial resource development. He has firsthand experience overcoming vision deficit, organizational misalignment, resource shortage, weak professional culture and ineffective governance infrastructure. 

Here are few examples of direct results and impact:

  • Coached executives, new hires and high potential professionals leading to personal and professional growth, deeper strategic understanding and capacity, enhanced organizational awareness, effective problem solving and inspired organizational culture.
  • Led strategic planning process that in its execution resulted in:
         • Lower administrative overhead as a percentage of expenses and improved charity watchdog rating to highest level possible;
         • Streamlined decision-making by reforming governance, reducing board and reorganizing organizational structure;
         • Created new entity consisting of consolidation and merger of three non-profit organizations;
         • Led strategic planning process that in its execution:
  • Increased individual donations by 200%;
  • Garnered over one million dollars in new grants;
  • Raised over $2.5 million in new funds;
  • Created anti-bias and anti-bullying programs that educated thousands of Minnesota teachers and school children;
  • Expanded media reach through over 50 media appearance including television, radio and print media;
  • Directed governance reforms including board and committee re-structure and by-laws re-write;
  • Managed fair and non-litigious employee transitions;
  • Supervised legal issues including contract negotiations, estate administration, trusts and real estate matters;
  • Built strong leaders and teams, inspired and lead complex organizations to craft and implement strategic visions
  • Motivated staff to at the highest ethical standards, in alignment with mission, financial capacities and programmatic objectives.

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