What is Coaching?

An executive coach is a qualified professional that works with individuals (usually executives, but can be anyone seeking personal or professional growth) to help them gain self-awareness and understand themselves better, clarify and achieve goals, get unstuck and act as a sounding board.

I excel at coaching organizations, teams and individuals in becoming more focused, intentional and fulfilled. I specialize in helping people and organizations unlock their potential, overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

There’s no magic. I do it by listening and observing very carefully. With my extensive training and experience, and by listening and observing as I do, I guide you to discover obstacles and develop a fresh perspective and a plan for success. But I don’t just leave you with a plan. I’m with you as you execute on your plan, helping to hold yourself accountable.

Two main ground rules apply. First and foremost, the coaching relationship enjoys absolute confidentiality.  Second, you have to want to be coached. This means sometimes asking yourself hard questions and reflecting on what may uncomfortable answers. 

 I am trained and certified by the Hudson Institute of Coaching, one of the most prestigious coaching training programs in the world.

The Hudson coaching model is about understanding the whole person and achieving a specific ROI. It’s about creating trust that yields space for deep introspection to build self-awareness and real and owned solutions to achieve change. It’s challenging work for the coach and the client – change is one of the most difficult challenges a human can face.  



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