Meet Steve

Catalyst. Throughout his career it is the characteristic that defines Steve. He’s a catalyst. He makes things happen. When an organization or individual needs a skilled and experienced guide to navigate change, seize an opportunity and get to the next level, a catalyst like Steve will make the difference. And when progress falters, opportunities lost or never launched, or organizations and their people misaligned, misdirected or stuck — that is when you need a catalyst like Steve to find your way back.

Steve is a senior executive, attorney, entrepreneur, and Hudson certified executive coach. Steve is experienced in understanding and overcoming the unique strategic, organizational and legal challenges faced by non-profits and the members and communities they influence. He has the skills and passion to help institutions and individuals ignite a vision and develop the systems, structure and culture to turn vision into reality and impact. With his legal training and experience, Steve can help navigate employee transitions, hiring processes and employment contracts, governance changes and other organizational change management issues.

As chief executive officer at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation (2010-2014) and the Jewish Federation of Rhode Island (2006-2010), Steve spearheaded transformational strategic, personnel, governance, organizational and operational changes designed to improve performance and enhance organizational positioning. Prior to being named federation chief executive officer in Rhode Island, Steve led the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas for seven years. There, he crafted and executed an ambitious and highly successful strategic plan, helping the organization to double in resources and expand its impact, and secure over $2.5 million in new funds.

I enjoy developing potential into actuality, and am passionate about helping organizations and individuals achieve clarity and results toward their vision. I’m blessed to do what I love; help a client find and take the right path, a good cause find solutions, and guide a business to its sweet spot of success.

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